Congratulations to all who participated in the “2018-2019 National Reflections Art Contest”. The  theme for this year was  “Heroes Around Me” During the awards ceremony on Wednesday Oct 23, the following students were awarded the following:

  1. Photography:
    • 1st Place- Jason Setiawan- ( It’s You)
    • 2nd Place- Celeste Hoang- ( Officer Pops)
    • 3rd Place- Chi-An Lu  -( The Hero in Me)
  2. Visual Arts:
    • 1st Place- Jiwon Woo –( The Invisible Cape)
    • 2nd Place- Kiho Lee – ( My Life Decision)
    • 3rd Place- Ashley Barnard ( Mother- The Unsung Hero)
    • 3rd Place – Richard Zhang- ( City of Technology)

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