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Graphics Teacher at IHS

Congresswoman, Katie Porter, Needs Your Designs!

Design a t-shirt for her online shop.

Pre-College Summer Programs and College Programs

Our seniors have compiled a list of programs they’ve either participated in or hope to be able to join.

This is a fantastic resource for freshmen, sophomores and juniors to add a summer art or design class to their schedules or start thinking about college-level art or design programs.


your to-do list when on campus:

  1. enjoy free popcorn while watching our video projects and animation reels in HLG during lunch!
  2. come visit us in the UA building: see the art from visual imagery to AP drawing + painting in the hallway-gallery!
  3. get your art merch from the ua3 graphics store — student-made pins & seed packets for planting!

Our Congresswoman, Katie Porter, needs art for her office!


submissions due April 5th. Make it happen!!