Computer Graphics + Advanced Graphics

Computer Graphics enables students to enhance their visual communication skills in an increasingly digital world.

teacher, MS. KHURGEL


The Irvine High School Computer Graphics program provides a continuous educational pathway for students interested in pursuing Graphic Arts, Digital Illustration, and Design.

The course is offered by semester or yearlong. You may begin Computer Graphics in the Fall or the Spring. After taking two semesters, you may enroll in Advanced Graphics, and then AP 2D Design: Graphic Design / Digital Illustration.

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Computer Graphics provides ROP and CTE credit.

It is a College Prep class, and satisfies UC’s A-G Art Requirement.

Students begin their foundational studies with Computer Graphics, a course designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of Graphic Design and Digital Illustration. Students gain a working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, InDesign, and After Effects, as they build their historical, contextual, and hands-on understanding of working within the arena of the Digital Arts and Design through a series of practical projects.

After the foundational Computer Graphics course, students are invited to continue their studies by building a professional design portfolio in Advanced Computer Graphics. Projects typically include Editorial Design, Book Cover Design, Poster Design, Character Design, App Design and Prototyping, Packaging Design, and Branding/Identity Design.

Students may also ask the instructor for permission to enroll in AP 2D, a majority-computer-based studio art course designed by the AP College Board. Speak with instructor for details.


CG > Adv CG > AP2D

CG > AP2D (must have significant traditional drawing experience in this scenario)

CG > Adv CG (to build a digital portfolio for showing to potential clients and/or colleges)

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