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Watch this student made Photo class PROMO

Recent work by Maddie, Sienna, Audrey, Elenna, Nidhi, Harry and Beck

AP2D PHOTOGRAPHY 21-22 Students:

Preview College Board course description & AP2D PHOTO syllabus to get started. A google class link to join will be coming soon providing more course info… In the meantime make sure you are LOOKING at a lot of photo and art and taking MANY photos!

INTERESTED in taking Visual Imagery or Photography??? Info Below 🙂

Click here for VISUAL IMAGERY/photo info flyer

CLICK HERE For Visual Imagery/Photo Pathways

Watch this Visual Imagery/Photo Promo for info on the course:

Visual Imagery F/S (Photography) 2 semesters meet the UC/CSU/CTE requirements. ***You may take each semester in ANY order, such as Visual Imagery S, can be taken before you take Visual Imagery F.  If the course only fits in the Spring of your Freshman year, you can for example, take the 2nd semester in the Fall or Spring of another year. Click HERE for the Course Outline

Intro to PhotoJournalism: is a 1-semester course. It possible to take 1 semester or IPJ and 1 semester of Visual Imagery, or even with 2 semesters of Visual Imagery.  Also, UC/CSU/CTE approved. Click Here For IPJ Course Description

Advanced Visual Imagery (Photography) You may take Adv. Visual Imagery after 2 semesters of Visual Imagery, a combo of Visual Imagery & IPJ, or 1 semester of Visual Imagery (with teacher approval) Click HERE for the Course Outline

AP2D (PHOTO) After 2 or more semesters of Advanced Visual Imagery You may enroll in AP2D. College Board course description & AP2D PHOTO syllabus

Check out some of the “instructional” student-independently made videos 🙂

Check out some early work reflecting summertime series shooting by Noah & Nadia:

Welcome To Photography (syllabus): PhWELCOME19-20

Welcome to Adv. Visual Imagery/Photography (syllabus): ADVphWelcome19-20

Intro to Photo Journalism Syllabus: IntrotoPhotoJournalismsyllabus17-18

Advanced Visual Imagery Students are busy making some spectacular works!

While Beginning Photographers are figuring out DOF & SS>>> check out their featured work on artfulhumansofirvinehigh Insta! And, coming soon, work by the Intro to PhotoJournalism on Compositional Techniques and People

Check out some “Leading Lines,” Night Photography and Mandala-inspired examples by our talented student artists.